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    Ozone Code V2 Kiteboard
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Ozone Code V2 Kiteboard

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The Ozone Code V2 has been further refined for increased control and upwind performance.

Design details


  • Medium Rocker and Medium Flex
  • Progressive Outline with Amazing Control
  • Intermediate to Advanced Free Riders


129 x 38cm
132 x 39cm
135 x 40cm
138 x 41cm
141 x 42cm
144 x 43cm


  • Exceptional Ozone Factory Construction
  • Double Concave Bottom Shape
  • Freeride Outline
  • Continuous Medium Rocker with Medium Flex
  • Swallow Tips
  • A-grade Paulownia Core
  • Highest Quality Fiberglass
  • A-grade 316 Stainless Steel inserts
  • Grab Recess
  • Footpads and Straps V2

Lightweight Ergonomic Pads and Straps
Easy to assemble in minutes, the lightweight ergonomic design with memory foam adapts to your unique shape after a few sessions. The toe ridge provides solid grip, while dampening foam layers provide superior comfort.

The Code V2 maintains the progressive outline and medium rocker of the V1, as well as the double concave bottom shape developed specifically for Intermediate to Advanced free riders. This perfected combination provides a smooth ride in choppy conditions and powerful carving performance.

New spine style channels at the tips increase edge hold and control for higher boosting and improved upwind performance. The Code V2 has amazing control in choppy water and remains ultra-smooth underfoot.

An updated flex pattern absorbs and controls fast landings, making engaged big air and kiteloops forgiving on touch down. In overpowered conditions, the swallow tip design combined with the new channels helps the board maintain an edge allowing perfect load up for big boosts.

The Code V2 has excellent carving performance as it flows effortlessly from rail to rail. It’s stable in fast power carves and provides a very fluid direct onward drive. The board gains speed fast and drives hard upwind, delivering great response.

One of the main frustrations riders have on the water is the amount of spray they get in the face, the Code V2 addresses this problem and practically eliminates spray!

We love to see people enjoying themselves on the water, our aim with the Code V2 is to make riding even more engaging and easy to handle. The Code V2 fits a diverse range of riding styles and levels from free riding, cruising, big air, freestyle and unhooked freestyle. Equally at home in flat water, chop and waves, it’s a high performing all rounder that comes alive the second it hits the water.

Ozone V2 Code - 129 x 38.0cm (Riders weight: 40-60kg) Ozone V2 Code - 132 x 39.0cm (Riders weight: 45-65kg) Ozone V2 Code - 135 x 40.0cm (Riders weight: 50-70kg) Ozone V2 Code - 138 x 41.0cm (Riders weight: 65-85kg) Ozone V2 Code - 141 x 42.0cm (Riders weight: 80-100kg) Ozone V2 Code - 144 x 43.0cm (Riders weight: 95kg+)