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    O'Shea Triple Action ISUP Pump
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O'Shea Triple Action ISUP Pump

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The O'Shea Triple Action HP5 power pump is the fastest and most efficient SUP handpump on the market worldwide.

Design details

It’s super intuitive to use, inflating your board with up to 30% less pumps compared to most iSUP pumps. Not only is it quick and easy, its reaches pressure even faster than any other double chamber pump available today.

This pump is simply the most efficient handpump out there , leaving you more time and energy for the paddle ahead !

Capacity: 2 x 3.5L
Max psi: 26psi
Time: 1:46sec
Max bpm: 143bpm
Muscle fatigue: Low

All times and heart rates are when pumping a 200L board up to 15psi.