Orca Womens S5 Triathlon Wetsuit 2014

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Orca's generation S-series speedsuit continues its evolution with the S5, making it the most buoyant entry level wetsuit on the market.

Design details

While retaining many of the great features of the S4, the new S5 introduces a 5mm thick panel of neoprene from neck to mid-leg, increasing flexibility and buoyancy. Like its predecessor, the S5 promises hydrodynamics, flexibility, buoyancy and durability. 2mm Yamamoto 39-cell coated neoprene underarm and shoulder panels provide a superb range of motion. The back is made of 3mm Smooth Skin neoprene, offering buoyancy and thermal protection. Silicone-print Hydrostroke forearm catch panels increase power through the stroke, while Speed Transition calf panels make transitions faster still.

EXCELLENT BUOYANCY Supports you in your first open water experience with a 5mm neoprene panel from neck to knee. Market leading buoyancy at an entry level price

GREAT FLEXIBILITY 2mm SCS neoprene in arms and shoulders – high stretch SCS coated upper arms and torso

YAMAMOTO NEOPRENE Performance-level durable Yamamoto neoprene provides excellent buoyancy, flexibility and thermal protection

SPEED TRANSITION CALF PANELS Guaranteed easy removal of the wetsuit and faster transition times


39 CELL Yamamoto 39-cell is an extremely flexible neoprene, which supports an uninhibited natural swimming motion. Yamamoto 39-cell neoprene extends to a 520% elongation rate, meaning this material is sure to move with you. Added benefits of zero water absorption and zero weight-variation can mean only one thing: more speed.

YAMAMOTO The Yamamoto Corporation is the world's main supplier of high performance neoprene. Its seal represents quality, technology and innovation.

SCS Applied as a coating over closed-cell neoprene. The micro-cell structure of the SCS coating repels water when in contact with air and reduces surface resistance when in contact with water.