Orca Sonar Triathlon Wetsuit 2014

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If you're serious about open-water swimming and want a step-up from an entry-level wetsuit, the Sonar is your answer.

Design details

There's a reason why Orca's Sonar has been top in its class of mid-range wetsuits for over five years. Its 4mm Aerodome neoprene panels contain hundreds of air cavities, providing over 30% greater buoyancy than standard equivalents. The Aerodome core stability panel covers the core area and the small of the back. Together, these panels lift the torso and core into the best possible swim position, lessening drag and improving stability. A 4mm hydrolift body panel adds even greater buoyancy. Extra panels in the shoulder and arm areas, and the multi-stretch inner lining enhance flexibility and range of movement.

If you're an endurance athlete motivated by versatility and value for money. Your best bet for value… without skimping on performance or cutting-edge technology.

FULL BODY FLEXIBILITY 39cell Yamamoto neoprene

SPEED AND DURABILITY Scs coating, drag reducing coating

AERODOME BUOYANCY AND STABILITY PANELS Strategically placed Aerodome panels give buoyancy where it’s needed and help swimmers achieve their optimum swim position

SPEED AND FEEL Silicone Hydrostroke forearm panels, increased water catchment in the stroke phase, accelerating power and traction


39 CELL Yamamoto 39-cell is an extremely flexible neoprene, which supports an uninhibited natural swimming motion. Yamamoto 39-cell neoprene extends to a 520% elongation rate, meaning this material is sure to move with you. Added benefits of zero water absorption and zero weight-variation can mean only one thing: more speed.

YAMAMOTO The Yamamoto Corporation is the world's main supplier of high performance neoprene. Its seal represents quality, technology and innovation.

AERODOME Beneath the dimpled surface of Orca's Aerodome 39-cell neoprene are hundreds of air cavities, which provide 30% more buoyancy than normal 5mm neoprene. Aerodome panels are strategically placed around the heaviest parts of the body, lifting you into the optimum swimming position.

SCS Applied as a coating over closed-cell neoprene. The micro-cell structure of the SCS coating repels water when in contact with air and reduces surface resistance when in contact with water.