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    O'Brien Link Wakeboard Bindings 2019

O'Brien Link Wakeboard Bindings 2019

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Open-Toe Bindings are common amoungst those sharing a board, and with big size ranges, it's easy to see why!

Design details


  • Single Panel Upper Softest, most flexible fit ever! Therma-Welded upper for minimal weight, maximum drainage and breathability. The Integrated TPU Ankle Strap pulls your foot into the “heel pocket”.

  • Ultralight Structure 2.0 Liner New liner provides Lighter Weight, greater Comfort and Control.

  • Lux 2.5º Canted Chassis Immediate Heel/Toe Response, Canted to ease stress on your legs.

  • Orthotic Footbed Comfort and Support, enhanced by O'Brien's Power Arch, which supports your arch on bigger landings. Sizes graded to fit your foot like a shoe.

  • Dual Lace Zones Pinpoint adjustment all over your foot. Traditional thick laces provide the most secure fit and durability. Your boots won’t loosen up while riding!

  • O'Brien Lux Chassis: Our lightest and most ridged classic ever. Maximum Comfort, Response and no Heel/Toe lift.

  • O'Brien Lasted Construction: Shaped to the contours of a foot to make a Left and Right specific Binding.
  • O'Brien Power Arch: Provides more Arch support during normal riding conditions, and minimises the amount your foot rolls inward on hard landings, thus reducing stress on your knees.
  • O'Brien Off Axis: Equal heel & toe leverage while achieving perfect alignment.