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    O'Brien Format 2016 Wakeboard
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O'Brien Format 2016 Wakeboard

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The 2016 O'Brien Format wakeboard is a stable, controllable board that effortlessly pops off the wake. When removable fins, Delta Base, and a Center Spine are added to the Format you’re riding a playful board that instantly locks when setting an edge.

Design details

Sizes: 132cm, 137cm, 142cm


Maximum float and minimum weight. Our new Feather Core is developed to reduce weight for more control in the air and to maintain it’s profile up the transition of the wake for maximum boost. Built for pure boat performance.

Providing the same advantages as dimples on a golf ball Delta Base technology is evidenced by the unique tip and tail features on the base of the board. These features cause the waters surface to break much like a stone skipping across the water’s surface resulting in a fast effortless approach into the wake.

Is the result of combining lightweight foam and two balsa wood stringers that run from the tip and tail of the board that creates a durable, strong, snappy deck, allowing the board to flex yet always return to its natural rocker line.