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    O'Brien Breddas 2016 Wakeboard
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O'Brien Breddas 2016 Wakeboard

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Hands down the Breddas (AKA: Benjamin, Jeremiah, and Mattias Hoppe) are three of the most technical and creative park riders in the industry, so O'Brien crafted their signature board to be as innovative and resilient as their riding.

Design details

Sizes: 133cm, 138cm, 143cm


Is a high density durable urethane material that boarders the entire board. At 5.25 cm thick, Durarail sidewalls ensures your board will last through whatever you throw at it, cable parks, rocks, dock slides or etc…

We once again pulled some inspiration from our snowboard brethren and our Impact Base is the same material you’ll find on the slopes of your local mountain. Built to withstand multiple seasons of shredding O’Brien’s the only manufacturer proud to stand behind wakeboards used on cable park features with a full 1 year warranty against not just manufacturer defects but breakage!

Like skateboards and snowboards O’Brien’s Flex Technology is constructed of multiple materials sandwiched together and framed by a urethane sidewall. This produces a board with optimum flex profiles and durability to last multiple seasons.

Designed for minimum weight, maximum durability, and an organic feel, our cores crafted from 100% Paulownia wood ensures your board will last for seasons of shredding at your local park or winch spot.

Tweaks the 5-Stage Rockerline specifically for park riding with more exaggerated transitions beneath the binding and toward the tip and tail. This produces an explosive Ollie in addition to providing an increased surface area to land, balance, and press-rails, kickers, and features in the park.