O'Shea 6'6 Fish EPS Epoxy Surfboard 2014

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The O'Shea Fish surfboard styles are designed for head high surf or smaller.

Design details

Comes with FREE Padded Board Bag, Leash, Fins

It combines a wide plan shape, low rocker line and plenty of volume for ease of paddling, making it ideal for advancing surfer after a smaller board or surfers riding mushy or slack waves.

Length: 6'6" Fish Width: 21.5" Thickness: 2.75" Fin set-up: 3 FCS compatible - Fins are included in the package

Gloss Finish

Epoxy eps is a combination of epoxy resins and expanded polystyrene foam core. Benefits include lighter weight, and increase strength, particularly greater impact resistance to dings! Tru-Flex technology allows a flex patten that is more a kin to the feel under foot of traditional polyester boards.