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    O'Shea 13'0 GTE Inflatable SUP Board HP 2018
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O'Shea 13'0 GTE Inflatable SUP Board HP 2018

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O'Shea 13'0 GTE Inflatable SUP Board HP 2018: The Ultimate in exploration SUPing. Whether you’re on a day trip or epic voyage, this board brings out the hidden explorer in you.

Design details


  • SUP Board
  • SUP Bag
  • Fins
  • Pump
  • FREE Mainland European Delivery
  • FREE 3-piece Paddle
  • FREE Leash


13’ x 31” x 6” 340ltr


  • O’Shea boards are made exclusively from Korean “Mirasol“ drop stitch, which is considered the Rolls Royce of Isup core fabric. It’s quality that lasts and the best that money can buy.
  • 1000D PVC outer, full double layer rail lap makes a trouble free belt & braces construction.
  • O’Shea “premium HD and premium HP“ are the only constructions we approve and a constant in all our boards.
  • Longitudinally and torsionally (often neglected) stiffer construction, means our boards maintain both shape & performance characteristics.
  • We think Yellow is the safest yet fun colourway, be seen and stay safe on river, lake or ocean. Ask any old bouy and he’ll tell you!
  • Our PVC outer skin is anti UV, reducing the effect of the suns harmful rays. Keeping the board NOT ONLY looking good for longer but also maintaining its residual value.
  • O’Shea boards can be typically used at lower pressures, 13 to the recommended 15 psi. Pressures easily achievable by even the light weight riders with any pump.
  • Heavy duty front towing and rear leash D-Rings.
  • The finest quality diamond grooved and buffed deck pad, provide the best grip with either bare feet or boots available.
  • RMS – removable fin systems throughout. The strongest fin box on the market!
  • O’Shea boards are CAD designed and tested by Farrel O’Shea, utilising over 35 years of personal hydrodynamic experience.

Tech specs


  • Up To 20% Lighter Than HD

  • Rolls Up Small

  • Strong

  • Stiff

  • Airtight Pvc Outer

  • Less Surface Wrinkles

  • Better Glide On Glassy Days