O'Shea 11'0 Wind Inflatable SUP Board 2016 with Wind 4.5 Rig

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Primarily designed with Windsurfing in mind with a bonus allround SUP appeal. Incorporates a central stabilising fin and complete rig package, all packing down into bite sized pieces. A true family favourite for the aspiring waterman hidden in all of us!

Design details


  • 3-piece Paddle
  • Wind 4.5 Windsurf Rig
  • Baseplate
  • SUP Bag
  • Fins
  • Pump
  • Leash
  • Repair Kit

Tech specs

11’ x 34.5” x 4.75” 290ltr

O'Shea ISUPs designed with stability and ease of use as our main priorities. Highest quality Korean drop stitch fabric.

1000D PVC , with double rail lap – The best & hardest wearing construction. Better than most premium or high end boards.

Yellow top and bottom … be SEEN , be SAFE , on pond , lake or ocean.

4 ¾” thick drop stitch fabric is not unique to “O’Shea “ , yet quite rare . The extra 2cm thickness or 20% over most recreational boards makes the structure approx 35% stiffer both Longitudinally and tortionally = better performance.

“O’Shea “ boards can be used at lower pressure , more typically 13 -15 psi ,rather than 15-20 psi , possible to achieve for any mortal ,even light weights , and easily possible with the std high volume pump supplied.

Perfect combination of plan shape , width and thickness = the most stable SUP platform for any given size of board.


  • Reinforced Front Towing eye and rear leash eye
  • O’Shea pro back pack
  • Original reliable H3 valve
  • RMS – Removable fin system
  • Cad Designed and human tested by Farrel O’Shea.