NP S1 Kite EZ Spreader Bar Set


A classic hook design especially shaped for kiteboarding and safe security finger attachment.

Design details

SKU KS 0186

25cm = (Men’s XS, S, M, L), (Ladies’ S, M, L)
30cm = (Men’s XL)

Kite Hook Spreader Bar

  • Rounded shape hook with a deep curveallows the chicken loop to attach securely reducing the chance of accidental unhooking
  • Channel to allow the security finger to freely travel up through the hook and to prevent it from disconnecting
  • Compatible with most chicken loops and security fingers
  • Three attachment points to the spreader bar for maximum strength and stability

Wing Spreader Bar Pad

  • EZ Release buckle
  • Safety leash attachment
  • Security knife
  • EVA Moulded Pad
  • Wing Inserts
  • Tie down straps
  • Wing inserts are not recommended for seat harnesses