NP S1 Halo EZ Spreader Bar Set

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The NP S1 Halo spreader bar replaces the traditional hook with a simple closed loop. It is aimed at intermediate to advanced kiteboarders who ride permanently hooked. This incredibly simple connection prevents “foul hooking”, landing line snag and there is no longer a need to use the security finger. With the pivoting point being much closer to the body the torque load experienced during turns or toe-side riding is significantly reduced.

Design details

SKU KS0180

25cm = (Men’s XS, S, M, L), (Ladies’ S, M, L)
30cm = (Men’s XL)

Halo Closed Loop Spreader Bar

  • Incredibly simple connection prevents unwanted or accidental unhooking
  • The smooth, curved design allows for easy release during QR activation
  • No hook to snag flying and landing lines, leash or bar
  • Connects closer to the body making it easier to reach trim straps in overpowered conditions
  • Pivot point close to the body reduces the sideways twisting force
  • The unused security finger can be removed from the control system to further reduce clutter

Wing Spreader Bar Pad

  • EZ Release buckle
  • Safety leash attachment
  • Security knife
  • EVA Moulded Pad
  • Wing Inserts
  • Tie down straps
  • Wing inserts are not recommended for seat harnesses