NP Bomb Waist Harness 2015

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A multi-sport harness designed for those long sessions, the Bomb offers a perfectly balanced combination of support, comfort and light weight.

Design details

The ergonomically designed shape with lumbar support provides great stability while the inner EVA pattern ensures the harness always stays in place.

Soft neoprene edges - Neoprene padded edges allow for greater comfort in all conditions, especially freestyle.

Anti-chafe seams - Hidden stitches on the inner back and hip area to avoid chaffing.

Back Base support system - An ergonomically designed PE board insert and built-in lumbar support offer optimal comfort, stability and protection.

360 Powerstrap - 360° strap made from highly elasticised fabric that adapts to body shape providing additional core support.

Contoured EVA inner for impact resistance - Used on the inside of harnesses for impact and vibration resistance with very low water absorption. The unique embossed pattern is designed to perfectly fit the core while preventing the harness from riding up or twisting.

Laminated EVA Inner - An EVA inner with a jersey lining providing a comfortable layer between your body and the harness.

Detachable handle pass line

Dual safety line attachment rings

Tie-down strap

Replaceable straps

S1 Spreader Bar EZ w / Pad Screws Designed by men. Built by machines. S1 is the world’s first spreader bar constructed entirely out of forged aluminum. To design the ultimate harness we started by looking at the spreader bar, the most essential part of a harness and the link between you and your equipment. Working closely with pro riders, our design team explored numerous material and construction combinations and used finite element analysis to work out dynamic loads, finally settling on forged aluminum construction for best strength to weight balance and anti-corrosion properties. Stronger and lighter than any other spreader bar available, the S1’s unique shape allows for an even load distribution. A smooth finish with no sharp edges completes the unique design. Available in both standard and EZ Release constructions.

Kite Hook Due to the variable angles a kite flies at a specific hook shape is needed. Our kite hook is pulled in deeper and rounder to allow greater freedom of movement while still allowing the rider to remain securely hooked in.

Windsurfing Hook A straight and narrow hook is used to secure the rider to his rig. The unique hook design ensures maximum stability at high speeds.