North Navigator Control System 2020


The North Navigator Control System raises the bar in kite safety, connecting you intuitively to your kite so you can think less and feel more.

Design details

SIZES: 45-50cm / 50-55cm

Includes: Control Bar, complete with - Connect Quick Release, Standard Freeride Loop, Short Leash, Lines.

  • Cleated trim system
  • Colour Coded Components
  • 100 % Dyneema SK99 control line
  • Easy to reach trim handle
  • Dyneema depower and trim lines

The Connect. North's patented quick release system with intuitive single-action reload.

North have always had this dream of the Connect System being as easy to load and release as a car seatbelt. You push, and you click.

The problem is, a seatbelt won’t release when there’s a load on it.

The North Design team has been searching for the past 15 years, but every other product with a quick reset is designed to hold with high forces. North's control system has to reset easily and be released while under high load, with a low release load. It’s a tough set of requirements. Their primary objective in evolving the quick release system is safety, but they also want the customer experience to be intuitive.

The Connect is designed to reload from any angle, without needing to be super-accurate. Simply push the loop into the vicinity and it locks. It can also be conveniently reloaded with one hand, and relied on for safety in challenging situations. Imagine you’re being pulled onto a reef with waves crashing over you, you’re the only one out there. If you can’t reconnect, you’re in trouble.

Change quickly between disciplines with North's toolless interchangeable loop connection system.