Nobile T5 2017 Kiteboard

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The 2017 Nobile T5 is perfect for freeride and freestyle elements. It performs well in any given conditions, from flat through to choppy water with small waves. It’s a very light board and its flex has been adjusted to perform well in all conditions. Big air and big landing becomes easy.

Design details

Style: Freeride / Freestyle

Size: 134x41 | 137x42 | 140x44

For intermediate to advanced riders looking for an advanced freeride board with freestyle ambitions.

By using the Wavy Channels system and a Flat Continuous Rocker, we have achieved easy manoeuvring with full board control, while the asymmetrical outline with extended backside edge allows easy and more effective curves.


  • High comfort
  • Solid edge grip
  • Easy to ride
  • Good pop

Board set includes:

  • Click’N’Go IFS
  • Click’N’Go PA Fins
  • Grab Handle