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    Nobile T5 2016 Kite
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Nobile T5 2016 Kite

From: £499.15

The 2016 Nobile T5 kite was designed to keep a smile on a rider’s face. Fast, truly user-friendly and responsive, plus it has auto-relaunch capabilities. What more do you need!

Design details


Sizes (m): 5, 6, 7.5, 9, 10, 12, 14

Style: Freeride, Wave & Surf

This year’s changes bring even better performance and take a step forward in freeride-oriented kites. Reshaped construction makes the kite more predictable, with a more direct feeling. It improves wave performance. Additionally huge wind range and stability in the air makes this kite one of the most attractive on the market.

New T5 also has upgraded aerodynamic capabilities – less drag and superb upwind performance. We have improved the durability using narrow canopy panels and solid reinforcements, which is extremely important for riders. The new larger valve makes pumping fast and easy. Now you will jump higher, ride safer and have lots of fun in conditions you choose!

Main Features:

  • High freeride and wave performance
  • Hybrid kite optimized for freeride and waves
  • Great lift and hang time for big airs
  • Big depower and turning speed dedicated for wave riding
  • Great control combined with soft bar feeling
  • High lift, low drag profiles
  • Superb upwind performance
  • Floating strut eliminates gusty wind effects
  • 3-strut construction
  • Tough construction dedicated for wave riding
  • Easy to relaunch
  • Quick inflating screw valve

Tech specs


  • Shape – Hybrid
  • Material – T9600 / Dacron Ripstop
  • Double-layer Dacron on bridle attachment points
  • Double-stitched bonded seams
  • Dacron reinforced tips and trailing edge
  • Bladder construction with double-layer section in wear areas
  • Catch-free one pump valves position
  • Thin LE & Strut ends


  • Bridles with pulleys, owing to which the kite has a wider lower range, it doesn’t fall, it’s more stable in peak and has a better relaunch
  • More durable lines at the pulleys on bridles
  • Improved sewing technology and quality
  • 4 line system
  • One pump system
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Big screw inflate/deflate valve
  • Tough construction
  • Colour-coded and fool-proof line connectors
  • Perfect for freeride and wave riders