Nobile Skim Foil 2017 Kiteboard

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The 2017 Nobile Skim Foil Board is a perfect board to enter the hydrofoil world. Easy to manoeuvre, ideal for taking first steps in levitating on foil. Light and super-stiff at the same time, completely covered with anti-slide EVA foam, to control your position during riding. It also proves well as a skim board to ride with kite. Properly adjusted rocker line and bottom shape make it a very universal board.

Design details

Style: Foil / Freeride

Size: 139 x 47


  • Foil board with freeride capabilities
  • Easy hydrofoil
  • Durable construction
  • Skatey feeling
  • Good for light-wind conditions

Board set includes:

  • Board
  • Straps set
  • Fins 40 set