Nobile Skim 2019 Kiteboard

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Nobile Skim 2019 Kiteboard: For every kiter to play on small waves, perform strapless tricks and enjoy lightwind conditions.

Design details

Style: Freestyle / Lightwind

Size (cm): 130x50,5

No other board will give you as much fun when practicing skateboard-like tricks on the water. When the wind stops blowing and you still want to play, this board is the perfect solution.

Main features:

  • Durable construction
  • Skatey feeling
  • Very good upwind performance
  • The best toy for light-wind conditions

Flex (1-10): 9
Rocker line: Flat Directional
Bottom construction: Wavy Channels System


  • APS technology with small channels
  • Directional shape for better manoeuvres
  • Lightweight construction perfect for freestyle tricks