Nobile NBL 2019 Kiteboard

From: £409.00

Nobile NBL 2019 Kiteboard: Entry level freeride board for enthusiasts beginning their Kiteboarding adventure. Perfect for schools and as a first board after your kite course.

Design details

Style: Freeride

Size (cm): 134x39 | 138x40,5 | 142x42 | 146x43 | 150x45

Main features:

  • Early planning
  • Comfort and progressive ride
  • Forgiving and fun flex pattern
  • High durability
  • Very easy manoeuvres

Flex (1-10): 7
Rocker line: Flat Hydrodynamic
Bottom construction: Elliptical concave


  • Extra sizes for perfect fit.
  • Reworked outline makes upwind riding easier.
  • Pre-stressed elliptical concave allows you to plane faster and gives you a smoother ride.
  • Durable “sandwich” construction lets you enjoy the ride for many years.