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    Nobile Mr Big 2016 Kite
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Nobile Mr Big 2016 Kite

£874.14 ex VAT (USD1,195.82)
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Nobile would like to introduce a new machine in their kite range. It is called Mr. Big. When others are building sand castles, you will be ripping on the water!

Design details


Sizes (m): 17

Style: Freeride & Lightwind

The 2016 Nobile Mr Big kite has a huge surface with a flat shape generating real power. A six-strut construction ensures stability and keeps the kite in profile in the air. Assume Upwind capabilities give you the feeling of being stuck at the window’s edge – which is highly-valued when you join the race. The manoeuvrability of this kite is a pleasure and the feeling of the bar is very precise with a perfect handling. Nobile’s new large valve help you with pumping this jumbo. If you really want to kite every day, you need this stuff!

Main Features:

  • Low-wind performance
  • High freeride performance
  • Flat shape generates huge power
  • Great lift and hang time for big airs
  • Big depower and fast tuning speed optimized for low wind conditions
  • Great control combined with soft bar feeling
  • High lift, very low drag profiles
  • Superb upwind performance
  • 6-strut construction
  • Easy to relaunch
  • Quick inflating screw valve

Tech specs


  • Shape – Flat Bow
  • Material – T9600 / Dacron Ripstop
  • Double-layer Dacron on bridle attachment points
  • Double-stitched bonded seams
  • Dacron reinforced tips and trailing edge
  • Bladder construction with double-layer section in wear areas
  • Catch-free one pump valves position
  • Thin LE & Strut ends


  • 4-line system
  • One pump system
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Big screw inflate/deflate valve
  • Light construction
  • Colour-coded and fool-proof line connectors
  • Great low-wind performance
  • Perfect for freeride