Nobile Infinity Split Kite Surfboard 2015

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The Nobile Flying Carpet Carbon Split is a top-quality light weight exclusive product with unique unconventional design. This board is a supreme light wind creation, lively and responsive, and truly surprises with the kind of performance and comfort you would not expect from a board of its size.

Design details

STYLE: Wave / Freeride
TYPE: Split / Directional / Wave
RIDERS: Advance / Pro
SIZE (cm): 5’9” (Split: 2 parts, each 95)

Separa means separation. The board creates the scenery. We connect the sky and ocean horizons, and begin the adventure. When we stop riding, this adventure will end – just like the scenery on the separated board which becomes incomplete. This board is also for those who value comfort.

This is the only wave board that you will need in your quiver. Excess baggage fees on surfboards can be extortionate and there is no pretending that a surfboard is a set of golf clubs. With the Infinity Split your problems are solved. Our unique Nobile W-Connection (Pending Patent No P403352) means that your board can be divided in two and – amazingly – slotted in to your regular luggage. On water, strapped or strapless, from small to well overhead wave, the Infinity is a perfect tool to enjoy surfing with a kite. The board is easy to ride and offers full control and confidence on both smaller and bigger waves. It is lightweight and lively with a generous amount of flex and response. The Infinity has a tip-to-tail wood core with Pre-Stress technology, and is covered with a foam deck for grip and maximum manoeuvrability.

The thin nose of the board make it immune to gusts and improves the stability, while the overall construction makes the board super durable and light. Infinity is equipped with FCS mounting system and fins. If you want to rip in the surf, then you want the Infinity.

The Nobile Separa Infinity board in W-Connection (Split) technology is recommended for riding strapless. We kindly inform you that the straps assembly is tantamount to the loss of board's warranty, while riding, performing evolutions and jumping with straps are the responsibility and the risk of the owner.




  • Easy to assemble, travel-friendly construction
  • Awesome for strapless tricks
  • EVA Foam deck for improved grip
  • FCS Fins

Tech specs


Length (cm) = 175
Width (cm) = 48.5
Split parts size = 2 parts, each 95 x 48.5cm
Rider weight (kg) = 50 - 90
Fins set = 3pcs FCS Fins 4,7