Nobile Infinity Split 2019 Kite Surfboard


Nobile Infinity Split 2019 Kite Surfboard: The Infinity Split is a wave folding board you can transport in luggage that’s less than 92cm long. It facilitates everyday transport of the board: by car, train or motorcycle, but most of all in airlines, because YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY ANY EXTRA FEES FOR TRANSPORTING SPORTS GOODS!

Design details

Style: Wave / Freeride

Size: New size 5’6”

Main features:

  • Super traction
  • Better carving
  • Insane flex
  • Splitboard

Flex (1-10): 6
Rocker line: Directional
Bottom construction: Hybrid CONCAVE (Elliptical CONCAVE + Double CONCAVE Tip Channel)


  • “Sandwich” construction guarantees high resistance to damage.
  • The fin arrangement, combined with the board’s profile, allows exceptional upwind performance.
  • Third generation W-connection