Nobile Flying Carpet Tandem 2019 Kiteboard


Nobile Flying Carpet Tandem 2019 Kiteboard: A board to ride in twos. Perfect for demonstration lessons with the instructor for those interested in beginning their kiteboarding adventure, or for those who can’t ride on their own yet.

Design details

Style: Lightwind / School / Demo

Size (cm): 163x48

The Flying Carpet Tandem is a unique product on the market. This is the board for schools where, together with the instructor, you will be able to learn all of the actions on the board quickly. The Wavy Channel system and asymmetrical shape ensure perfect edge grip and great upwind performance while, thanks to the Flat Continuous Rocker, you will be able to reach top speeds on flat water.

Main features:

  • Designed for two riders
  • Optimum upwind performance
  • Maximized planning surface
  • High comfort

Flex (1-10): 8
Rocker line: Flat Hydrodynamic
Bottom construction: Wavy Channels System


  • Reinforced board construction
  • More rocker and bigger size
  • Second set of inserts
  • Special flex segments in the board to ensure adequate traction