Nobile Flying Carpet 2019 Kiteboard

From: £479.00

Nobile Flying Carpet 2019 Kiteboard: For those who ride in lakes and in low-wind conditions, as well as for schools.

Design details

Style: Freeride / Lightwind

Size (cm): 160x46

This is the board that proves its worth on low-wind days. While creating it, we had one goal in our minds: it must possess all of the features and performance of a regular twin tip board.

Main features:

  • Light board weight
  • Optimum upwind performance
  • Maximized planning surface
  • High comfort
  • Solid edge grip
  • Easy pop

Flex (1-10): 6
Rocker line: Flat Continuous
Bottom construction: Wavy Channels System


  • High performance light-wind board.
  • Aps technology maintains the right torsion.
  • Airlight core minimizes the board’s