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    Nobile Drop 2019 Wakeboard
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Nobile Drop 2019 Wakeboard

From: £324.16

The 2019 Nobile Drop wakeboard perfect model with continuous rocker, will easily take you to the next level of wakeboarding. The best friend from the very beginning. Thanks to introducing the more rigid construction with channels, the ride on this model is stable and predictable. Regardless of your skills, you will feel the ease of steering and perfect taking off from the edge.

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SIZES: 127 x 41.4 / 131 x 41.5 / 135 x 42 / 138 x 42 / 141 x 44 / 144 x 44

Best for:
Landings / Edge / Turning / Air Tricks / Durability / Ollie / Ramps


  • 100% woodcore
  • Very stable
  • Water channels
  • Steady ride control
  • Big and predictable pop
  • High endurance
  • Friendly for jump learning thanks to used channels
  • Curved edges to help riding over obstacles
  • Destined for wakepark

MAKE LOVE NOT WAR but you can easily take our boards on a battle on wakepark. A special formula of P-Tex slide – almost indestructible and fast. In addition, the precisely selected material thickness guarantees the solid protection. BPB is available in every model of Nobile Wake.

The Most important is the board’s heart. It guarantees the best parameters on the market : low weight, endurance and quick response. The Pulownia wood is the most flexible material used in wakeboards, while the strong pop remains characteristic, even after whole season of riding

ABS SANDWICH CONSTRUCTION In this structure we use ABS partitions to transfer force edgewise. Our ABS combines qualities of vibration dampening and direct force transfer, which makes the board easy to ride and enable precise manoeuvring

TRIAX Three-directional fibres improve the diagonal rigidity combined with very well balanced side and cross rigidity. As a result, you get an active board for aggressive ride.