NeilPryde The Fly Windsurf Sail 2017

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The new 2017 Fly is a truly specialized wave-riding sail. The three-batten design makes for the lightest, most neutral sail in our range.

Design details

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Down The Line Wave

It totally depowers on the wave, allowing you to fully focus on your surfing. The new construction and compact design significantly increase sail control in gusty conditions. Pure surf.


  • Forceline panel incorporates both clew and tack radial construction into one laminated panel.
  • Reduced distance between the clew and the cross batten distributes the load very evenly and prevents the draft to move back as well as keeping the sail stable.
  • Shorter luff with a compact outline: Distance between the battens on the leech is reduced and the crossing batten is even closer to the clew improving handling of the sail.
  • Cross batten construction allows all three battens to provide the critical leech support while the bottom batten shaping is kept low and forward below the boom area.
  • Mini flat leech rod battens for optimum support and smooth finish.


The new PVC/Dacron lower luff area of the sail works like "suspension" to absorb shock loads present when the sail twists-off in gusts, on chop or when landing jumps. This elastic front section absorbs the shock while at the same time locking the profile distribution to the front. The result is a much softer, more forgiving sail that is incredibly stable (even when compared to 4-batten sails) and that depowers completely on the wave. In order to ensure good power in light wind and early planing we increased batten shaping on the front part of the cross batten, but kept back shape very flat to not compromise control.

Tech specs

SizeLuffBoomBaseBattensCamsIdeal MastTop FinishingWeightCode
3.9 364 150 24/2 3 0 340/370 Vario Top 3.01kg BNP17FL00004039
4.2 374 154 34/4 3 0 340/370 Fixed Head 3.06kg BNP17FL00004042
4.5 383 159 14 3 0 370 Fixed Head 3.20kg BNP17FL00004045
4.8 395 164 26 3 0 370 Fixed Head 3.31kg BNP17FL00004048
5.1 409 169 10 3 0 400 Fixed Head 3.48kg BNP17FL00004051
5.4 421 173 22 3 0 400 Fixed Head 3.57kg BNP17FL00004054