NeilPryde SPX65 SDM Windsurf Mast 2018


The Neilpryde SPX65 SDM is now the lowest carbon content in the Neilpryde windsurf mast range. Thanks to the added fiberglass prepreg layers in the lamination process it is virtually indestructible!

Design details

Use of berglass results in considerably thicker wall thickness making it immune to ovalization under compression as well as very resistant to impact damage.

In weight it is very close to the previous FLX70 range and we believe this is the minimum carbon content we should recommend for NeilPryde sail.

Mast Specs

  • Length (cm): 430
  • Stiffness: 21
  • Weight/kg: 2.05
  • Code: RMSPX65S0STD430

  • Length (cm): 460

  • Stiffness: 25
  • Weight/kg: 2.20
  • Code: RMSPX65S0STD460

  • Length (cm): 490

  • Stiffness: 29
  • Weight/kg: 2.40
  • Code: RMSPX65S0STD490