NeilPryde Fusion Windsurf Sail 2017

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The 2017 Fusion is maneuvre oriented. You can use it anywhere, in any wind strength, on any water condition.

Design details

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Learn the basics, jump, catch a wave, try a freestyle trick or get into freeride mode and leave your friends behind for speed. With forgiving handling and optional full HD construction, the Fusion is perfectly fitting freestyle wave or small freeride boards.


  • Light and Forgiving through moderate skin tension and rider focused centre of effort.
  • Available in two constructions: Full HD construction or light weight construction using ArmourWeb only in the bottom, clew and luff area.
  • Rod Battens on all sizes for durability making Fusion suitable for use even in moderate wave conditions.
  • Size-specific foot angle: Low in big sizes. High in small sizes.
  • One mast and boom fit all sizes. (430 Mast/160 Boom)


Fusion got totally redesigned this year. Our focus was to make it much more maneuverable compared to 2016. Most of the design features come from Atlas design; resulting in a higher aspect ratio sail with shorter boom, smaller foot area and flatter batten profile. In design and performance Fusion now sits perfectly between Atlas and Ryde and is ideal choice for a flatwater maneuver oriented sail.

Tech specs

4.5 403 162 4/2 5 0 400/430 Vario Top 3.73kg 3.73kg BNP17FU00002045 BNP17FUH0001045
5.0 419 173 20/2 5 0 400/430 Vario Top 3.90kg 3.90kg BNP17FU00002050 BNP17FUH0001050
5.5 433 183 34/4 5 0 400/430 Fixed Head 4.07kg 4.07kg BNP17FU00002055 BNP17FUH0001055
6.0 444 191 14 5 0 430 Fixed Head 4.25kg 4.25kg BNP17FU00002060 BNP17FUH0001060
6.5 459 199 30 5 0 430 Fixed Head 4.47kg 4.47kg BNP17FU00002065 BNP17FUH0001065