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    NeilPryde DragonFly 30 RDM Alloy Extension

NeilPryde DragonFly 30 RDM Alloy Extension

£62.50 ex VAT (USD79.37)

As with other Dragonfly components, this extension is specifically designed to suit. Due to a lower load specification we have been able to reduce the weight when compared to our regular RDM extension while still keeping the same high quality features such as the clam shell and high quality anodising.

Design details

Key Features

Extensions All extensions are fully integrated with stainless steel cleat/pulley bottom assemblies offering the best weight to stiffness ratio and creating very light but also very strong extensions.

The weight has been reduced by eliminating all unnecessary plastic while increasing the cross-section of stainless steel parts for increased strength. This part can now withstand over 900kg of downhaul load – twice as much as used on the largest racing sails.

The special geometry with tilt bottom pulley makes perfect sail pulley/rope alignment. This allows the sail to be downhauled all the way down (block-to-block) and it reduces downhauling friction.

The new specific UXT RDM features this same integrated stainless steel component but specially designed to be small and streamlined.

We are introducing the MXT 34 and 48 SDM Carbon and the MXT 34 RDM Carbon Extensions which offer the best weight to stiffness ratio creating very light but also extremely strong extensions.

STAINLESS PULLEYS Stainless pulleys for less friction and greater durability.

ANTI-CHAFE PIN A steel pin under the plastic bridge (right above the clam cleat) stops the plastic chafing.

UXT SYSTEM Button for universal pin system. Works with Power U-Base.

FORMULA LINE ROPE Endurance tested highest grade spectra rope for best performance, reduced friction and longevity.

ONE-PIECE CASTE STAINLESS HOUSING Monococque load carrying stainless caste structure – transfers load directly from the pulleys onto the extension tube without relying on any plastic components.

ROPE CLEAT The rope cleat has been integrated into the stainless caste structure for streamlined profile and maximum strength.

MXT Large Monobutton (MXT System) For a secure, heavy-duty connection and ease of operation. Works with Power M-Base.