Naish Thrust Standard Surf Foil 2019

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Surfers that dabble in other sports will find a solid multi-sport solution in this setup as well. Performing well in low wind and lower speeds, this ultra-stable setup is good for beginner-to-intermediate kite foiling, windsurfing, wake-foiling and other medium to low speed foiling.

Design details



Front Wing Design: Downturned Delta Foil
Front Wing Performance Characteristics: High Lift
Standard Mast Length: 55 cm
Fuselage Length: 64.2 cm

ASPECT RATIO 3.54 3.54 4.75
WINGSPAN 23.8”/60.5 cm 26.1”/66.2 cm 34”/86.4 cm
Projected Surface Area 160 in2/1032 cm2 191.6 in2/1236 cm2 243.7 in2/1572 cm2


  • Front WingSurf: M, L or XL
  • Back Wing Surf or Surf XL
  • Mast 55 cm/Aluminum
  • Fuselage KS/Surf
  • Foil Assembly Screw Set
  • Standard Plate
  • Standard Plate Screw Set
  • Foil Cover

A bold success from the onset, the 2019 Naish Thrust Surf Foil Program welcomes the XL setup to its highly sought-after line-up. Delta shaped front wings coupled with downturned wingtips deliver the perfect balance between early lift, efficient glide and outstanding turning ability. A slightly flat section along the bottom of the wing adds stability in straight flight while downturned wingtips heighten control in turns for easy carving and redirection without losing lift. The back wing helps to stabilize the front wing while providing extra power when pumping through flat sections. Adding to the high lift, efficient design, this wing model offers a larger window before stalling, making them easier to ride and control when compared to other wings on the market.

Three front wing sizes widens the range of rider weights and surfing conditions covered. The new XL adds riders above the 210 pound mark to the foiling club while bringing the threshold for surf size down even further. The XL set is also a great option for downwind conditions. And many pairing options allow riders to perfectly tune their setup to their needs, with the standard backwing pairing well with the M or L front wing and the XL backwing reserved for the XL front wing.


  • 50% Lighter Wings
  • XL Front Wing
  • XL Back Wing
  • Monocoque Ultra Robust Back Wing Construction
  • Heavy-duty Fuselage
  • Standard Plate Connection
  • Stealth Stripes


  • Aircraft Grade High Precision CNC Cut Fuselage
  • Aircraft Grade Extruded Aluminum Mast
  • Carbon/Glass PrePreg & Hi Mod Foam Core Front Wing Construction
  • Carbon/Glass PrePreg & Hi Mod Foam Core Monocoque Back Wing Construction
  • 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hardware