Naish Shift Control System 2014

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Pro Performance 5-line Control System

Design details

Size: 20", 24", 27"

The Shift System features a reduced diameter bar with a new Memory Core for a comfortable, ergonomic grip. The new V2 Bar Center has been re-designed, providing smoother line entry to reduce wear and tear.

The Shift System features a High-Y connection which incorporates an active 5th line for control over the leading edge arc, making it the perfect control system for hooked in and unhooked riding.

It also features a single PU coated trimline to minimize wear and reduce excess bulk in the middle of the bar. The Vario Bar End Adjustment allows the rider to change the bar length from 16” to 18” (40 to 45 cm) to fine tune steering.

Key Features:

*NEW Memory Core for comfortable, ergonomic grip *NEW V2 Bar Center reduces line wear *Above-the-bar trim adjustment *Auto positioning Smart Loop *Single PU-coated trimline to minimize wear and reduce bulk *Through-the-bar flagging line *Premium safety leash with quick release *Back flying line adjustment under floaters *Powerflex bar ends & floaters *Vario Bar End Adjustment = 16”-18” (40-45 cm)