Naish Pivot & Raptor LTD 2016 Package

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Kitesurf Package Includes: Naish Pivot Kite 2016, Naish Fusion 4-Line Control System 2016, Crazyfly Raptor Ltd 2016 Kiteboard, Crazyfly Hexa LTD Bindings, Fins, Handle and Pump

Design details

Package Includes:

Naish Pivot 2016 Kite


Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14

The Naish 2016 Pivot kite is ideal for a wide range of riders and styles. Its ability to turn on a tight axis without an aggressive pull makes this kite perfect for nailing jumps, charging the next big swell and everything in between.

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Naish Fusion 4-Line Control System 2016

The Naish 2016 Fusion 4-Line bar is ideal for a wide variety of freeride, freestyle and wave riding.

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Crazyfly Raptor Ltd 2016 Kiteboard


Sizes: 132x41, 136x41, 140x42

The CrazyFly Raptor Limited is a high performance freeride freestyle board for intermediate to expert riders.

Complete with Crazyfly Hexa LTD Footpads and Footstraps.

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