Naish Malolo SUP Foilboard 2017

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The New Naish Malolo is a dedicated recreational SUP Foil Board developed with Kai Lenny for open ocean downwind swell foiling.

Design details

This board can only be pre ordered!

Please pre order before the 1st June 2016. Delivery will be Autumn 2016

The Naish Malolo Stand up Paddle Foilboard

  • Dedicated recreational foil board suited to fit any foil setup with deep Tuttle box
  • Developed with Kai Lenny for downwind or open ocean swell-foiling
  • Features additional US box for non-foil use
  • Carbon Elite construction, with full PVC bottom reinforcement, suitable for the forces encountered in foiling

The Naish Malolo SUP Hydrofoil

  • SUP Foil is specifically designed to develop lift at low speed with minimal effort
  • The perfect foil for waveriding, cruising or racing
  • Medium size extruded alloy mast can be retrofitted to any style box system
  • Extra long fuselage for increased sweet spot
  • Low speed, high-lift foil set
  • Premium padded carry case included

LENGTH: 10’4”/315 cm
WIDTH: 28”/71.1 cm
THICKNESS: 5 15/16”/15.1 cm