Naish Hover Surf 5'6 Comet PU 2019 Foilboard


The 2019 Naish 5'6 Hover Surf Comet PU foil board has a traditional surfboard outline, these boards have plenty of volume and a flat, early-entry rocker, which makes paddling into even the most marginal waves an easy task. The PU S-glass construction delivers the ultimate combo between light weight and traditional surfboard style flex.

Design details


Naish’s Hover Surf line has been expanded and refined for 2019 to provide greater performance for anyone from first-time foilers to frequent flyers.


  • 10" US Boxes = Easy, fine-tuned foil placement
  • Flat Rocker = Efficient padding
  • Polyurethane/Glass Construction = Light and Strng

Two 10” US fin boxes allow riders to place the Thrust Surf foil—or any 4-bolt plate-style foil—exactly where they want, based on their size and ability. Once up and foiling, the Hover Surf is stable, easy to control and easy to pump thanks to its compact, progressive shape.

Available in 5’2, 5’6 and 5’10 Naish recommend this line to riders who are looking for the traditional balance of a surfboard adapted to hydrofoiling performance.

Hover Surf 5'6
Comet PU
5'6/167.6cm 20"/50.8cm 3"/7.6cm 35L


  • PU Core
  • S-glass Lamination
  • High Density Foam to Reinforce Foil Mount

The Naish Hover Surf line is dedicated to foiling and dose not include any additional fin boxes or fins.