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    Naish Hover SUP Carbon Ultra Foilboard 2020
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Naish Hover SUP Carbon Ultra Foilboard 2020

From: £1,040.80
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The 2020 Naish Hover Carbon Ultra foil SUP board is for the paddler who wants pure foil performance the Hover 95, 110 and 125 are leading the charge.

Design details

Dedicated SUP Foilboard


Who is it for?
These boards are for dedicated SUP foilers who want top performance in surf or downwind foiling.

What does it do?
The dedicated Hover SUP foilboards deliver top level performance for SUP foiling in all forms.

Why is it unique?
The boards are ultra compact yet have a stable shape with minimal swing weight, making it both accessible and a top performer. The Carbon Ultra construction takes all of these performance characteristics to another level in handling performance!

What’s new?
All new design for performance SUP-foiling and downwind-foiling.

Hover SUP 95 is ideal for riders up to 185 lbs/84 kg.
Hover SUP 110 is ideal for riders up to 200 lbs/91 kg.
Hover SUP 125 is ideal for riders up to 205 lbs/102 kg.

SUP Foiling has continued to grow and develop in lightning fast pace. Through hours of testing and developing different shapes, we are excited to introduce two new dedicated SUP foilboards that are equally suited for both waves, downwind foiling and also Wing-Surfing.

For 2020 Naish introduces the Ultra Carbon Construction for riders who are looking for ultimate lightweight performance with further minimized swing weight. This construction utilizes a higher density 30 kg EPS core with a full 3K carbon layup and the entire deck features a wood sandwich layer to enhance durability in the stance area. Both the nose and tail have additional reinforcements and the foil track system sits in our proven high density PVC block that is laminated into and through the board with staggered carbon layers. The entire board is produced in a multi-stage vacuum process which provides great skin tension for each layer at minimal weight.

Hover SUP 95 5'7"/170.2 cm 27"/68.6 cm 4 5/16"/10.9 cm 95 L
Hover SUP 110 6'0"/182.9 cm 28 1/2"/72.4 cm 4 1/8"/10.5 cm 110 L
Hover SUP 125 6'5"/195.6 cm 31"/78.7 cm 4 1/8"/10.5 cm 125 L


Ledge Handle
Ergonomic + easy to pick up & carry effortlessly

Grooved & Embossed EVA Pad
Lightweight + ultimate grip + better durability over time

Automatic Pressure Valve Design
Automatic pressure equalization of the core

Ultra Compact Shape
Minimizes swing weight for foiling

Tail Kick Lift Off Design
Allows for easy lift off with minimal back foot pressure

Bottom V Nose Design
Softens entry on touch downs

Footstrap Insert Options (No Straps Included)
Option to ride with straps for ultimate SUP foiling control. Setup is designed for best suitability also with the Wing-Surfer.


  • Grooved & Embossed EVA Pad = Lightweight, ultimate grip & better durability over time
  • Full 3k Carbon Vacuum Wrap = Extremely lightweight & high skin tension
  • Wood Reinforced Stance Area = Increased strength & durability
  • Glass Matrix Outer Deck & Bottom = Increased impact strength & durability
  • CNC Cut EPS Core = Absolute precision shaping