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    Naish Hover Hybrid Soft Top Foilboard 2020
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Naish Hover Hybrid Soft Top Foilboard 2020

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The versatility of the 2020 Naish Hover Hybrids opens hydrofoil surfing up to an even wider audience. Drawing their shape and dimensions from performance bodyboards, this familiar shape provides the ultimate entry into foiling.

Design details



Who is it for?
The Hover Hybrid is for foilers who want a board they can take wakefoiling, foil surfing, bodyboarding and boogie foiling.

What does it do?
Hover Hybrids offer unmatched versatility in an affordable package.

Why is it unique?
These boards are unique because there’s nothing else like it on the market.

What’s new?
Completely new design that does it all!

Hover Hybrid 3'8" is ideal for riders up to 180 lbs/81 kg.
Hover Hybrid 4'0" is ideal for riders up to 210 lbs/95 kg.

The deck and rails feature a soft, comfortable EVA padding while the durable composite bottoms are fitted with Naish’s dual track (box) foil mounting system, which enables riders to tune foil positioning to their personal preference. Hover Hybrids offer plenty of riding flexibility; ride them like a bodyboard and catch waves, or tow behind a boat. Ready for a lift? Mount Naish’s Thrust Surf Foil and take-off hydrofoiling whether laying down prone, kneeling or standing. This multi-use platform creates the ultimate multi-purpose experience whether in surf or on a boat wake.

The 22-inch wide platform and wide tail make it easy to catch waves on this super stable board. This also makes hydrofoiling accessible to less experienced and heavier riders, so everyone can experience the thrill of flying above the water. The compact shape is a great benefit to beginners and creates an excellent platform for advanced foilers to wake-foil, catch small waves and pump effortlessly. Smaller riders up to 180 lbs. are well-suited for the 3’8”, while the 4’0” allows even the really “big boys” to get out and foil.

Hover Hybrid 3'8" Soft Top 3'8"/111.8 cm 22"/55.9 cm 2 3/8"/6 cm 29.9 L/td>
Hover Hybrid 4'0" Soft Top 4'0"/121.9 cm 22"/55.9 cm 2 7/8"/7.3 cm 38 L


Wide Tail Release = Gives the necessary stability to ride such a short board

Embossed EVA Tops & Rails = Comfort & safety and secure grip without wax no matter if standing on the board or riding it prone

Foil Track System with (2) 10” US Boxes = Easy, fine-tuned foil placement compatible with plate designs as well as with Naish Abracadabra system

Composite Bottom = Sturdy & durable direct translation of power from the board to the foil


Full EVA Deck = Comfortable & forgiving grip

Glass Matrix Deck & Bottom = Outstanding strength-to-weight ratio

Wood Reinforcement in Stance Area = Durability + longitudinal stringer effect

CNC Cut EPS Core = Absolute precision shaping