Naish Custom LE Kite Surfboard 2014

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The Custom LE are state-of-the-art surf shapes targeted for high performance, strapless riders.

Design details

Comes Complete with Fins and Deck Pad

Sizes: 5’10", 6’0"

Performance Strapless Wave

The range features a high tail kick, deep single concave bottom and thinned out rails for true surf performance.

Naish’s exclusive Armor Frame Technology provides outstanding shock resistance and durability.

Key Features:

*Strapless Configuration = Pure surfing *High Tail Kick = Tight & snappy turns off the lip *Thinned Out Rails = Superior control when carving at speed *Deep Single Concave Bottom = Speed + drive *CNC Shape = Absolute precision shaping *3D Double Density Stomp Pad = Unmatched comfort + traction *Thruster Fin Set-up = Loose + snappy + control *Carbon Torsion Cross Fins = Lightweight + optimized flex


5'10" - W 18 5/8" - T 2 1/4" 6'0" - W 18 7/8" - T 2 5/16"