Naish Balance 2016 Seat Harness

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The 2016 Naish Balance is an ergonomically shaped seat harness that combines lower back and hip support while still allowing the freedom to move.

Design details

Low Tow Point

The strategic quad straps put the spreader bar in a low position to allow the body full range of motion while supporting the lower back and waist.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL


  • NEW Memory Foam Bar Pad
  • Click-in Spreader Bar
  • 3D-fit TechnologyLow Back Shape
  • Load-spreading Structure
  • Dual Tension Belt
  • Quad Straps
  • Heavy-duty Handle Pass Leash
  • Neoprene Buckle Covers
  • Soft Leg Straps
  • Soft Rounded Edges