• Mystic Womens Gem 5/3 FZ Wetsuit 2018
  • Mystic Womens Gem 5/3 FZ Wetsuit 2018
  • Mystic Womens Gem 5/3 FZ Wetsuit 2018
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Mystic Womens Gem 5/3 FZ Wetsuit 2018

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The 2018 Mystic womens Gem wetsuit is packed with the best features, materials and technologies. The Mystic Gem front zip wetsuit is made from 100% M-Flex 2.0 with waterproof stretch taping and ultra-lightweight foam that makes sure the suit stays very light and super flexible. Adding a unique quick dry lining, which will not only dry faster but also keeps the water out longer.

Design details

SKU: 35000-180021


  • Quick dry lining on chest, back & lower body
  • M-Flex 2.0 (100%)


  • Power seamed outside
  • Waterproof stretch taping inside
  • Mesh neoprene chest panel
  • Mesh neoprene back panel
  • Fine Mystic zip
  • Glideskin thin neck construction
  • Aquabarrier
  • 4-way stretch kneepads
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Non slip cuffs
  • Key pocket
  • Aquaflush
  • Front-zip

M-Flex 2.0 neoprene
The most flexible neoprene in our range. M-Flex is updated with even better stretch and flex properties.

Quick dry lining
You don't need to put on a 'WET' wetsuit anymore. The structure of the neoprene makes the suit dry faster.

A high durable taping used inside the suit to avoid leaking and keep it flexible and warm.

The neoprene panels are glued together and reinforced on both sides. The power seam is applied on the outside of the seam and increases its strength and waterproofness! The inside is alwyas reinforced by a waterproof stretch taping.