• Mystic Womens Dutchess 5/3 FZ Wetsuit 2019
  • Mystic Womens Dutchess 5/3 FZ Wetsuit 2019
  • Mystic Womens Dutchess 5/3 FZ Wetsuit 2019
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Mystic Womens Dutchess 5/3 FZ Wetsuit 2019

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The 2019 5mm Mystic Dutchess is an amazing front zip wetsuit offering great quality with great features. Made from the very flexible M-Flex neoprene. Polar lining has been added to this suit which gives a soft feel and reflects body heat, making sure you will stay warm longer. The Dutchess comes in with beautiful lines to accentuate the female body.

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  • Polar lining on chest & back
  • M-Flex 100%


  • Critical taping inside
  • GBS (Glued Blind Stitched)
  • Mesh neoprene chest panel
  • Mesh neoprene back panel
  • Glideskin double neck construction
  • Fine Mystic zip
  • Aquabarrier
  • 4-way stretch kneepads
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Non slip cuffs
  • Key pocket
  • Aquaflush

M-Flex neoprene
M-Flex is a very good flexible neoprene. It stands for high quality neopene with an awesome stretch ratio.

Polar lining
A soft feel interior lining that reflects body heat and makes sure you will stay warm longer.

The Aquabarrier is a sillicone printing which forms a barrier, preventing water from entering your suit.

The panels are folded stitched, this leaves only soft round edges in the neck area. The glideskin inner lining enables an excellent water closure.

Stitching method whereby the panels are first glued together and then only stitched halfway through the fabric instead of fully perforating it, which makes the seams waterproof.

A neoprene taping is positioned on the critical seams of the suit. This prevents water from coming through the seams on critical points of the human body.

Perforated neoprene that allows water to exit the suit, preventing the leg cuffs from filling up with water.