Mystic Triple Wave Boardbag

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The Mystic Triple Wave boardbag is a 8mm padded travel bag that can change from a triple to a single boardbag.

Design details

SKU: 35006-170230


180 X 55 X 30CM (5’10”FT)
200 X 55 X 30CM (6’7”FT)


  • PVC coated 600D polyester
  • Silver Tarpe Sunblock


  • Fold down system, Change the bag from tripe to single
  • Secure strap on inside
  • 8mm padding
  • For multiple boards
  • Heavy duty zipper
  • Shoulder strap
  • Carry strap

Triple Boardbag

1x – Compressed
Use the bag compressed for one board. Compress by using hook and loop and straps.

2x – Semi-compressed
Use the bag semi-compressed for 2 boards and additional gear.

3x – Full usage
Use the full space of the bag for 3 boards and additional gear.