• Mystic Star Junior 5/4 BZ Wetsuit
  • Mystic Star Junior 5/4 BZ Wetsuit
  • Mystic Star Junior 5/4 BZ Wetsuit
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Mystic Star Junior 5/4 BZ Wetsuit

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Design details

SKU 35001-140050

Technical features


  • Mesh neoprene (20%)

  • M-Flex neoprene (50%)

  • Soft touch neoprene (30%)


  • Zebra shoulder print becomes visible when it touches water

  • M-Flex (tri-span) 50%

  • 100% GBS (Glued Blind Stitched)

  • Double neck construction

  • Back-zip entry

  • 4-way stretch kneepads

  • Lining saver

Tech specs


M-Flex is a stretch layer within the neoprene. The high stretch of this layer creates a flexible suit, which makes it possible to move without restrictions.

Glued Blind Stitched

Stitching method whereby the panels are first glued together and then only stitched halfway through the fabric instead of fully perforating it, which makes the seams waterproof.

4-Way stretch kneepads

The kneepads are made of a 4-way Super-tex fabric. This is a durable fabric especially designed for protection.

Lining saver

The lining save is used to prevent any damage on the soft inside by the Velcro neck strap. Make sure to use the lining saver when taking off the wetsuit.