Mystic Star 3/2 Longarm Shorty FZ Wetsuit 2017

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The 2017 Mystic Star longarm front zip shorty comes in at a very affordable price and is packed full of features. Flex panels, the 4 way stretch kneepads and GBS stitching come from previous collections but for 2017 has been pimped out with extra features like; the polar lining in the chest and back for a warmer core.

Design details

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  • M-Flex neoprene (50%)
  • Soft touch neoprene (50%)


  • Glideskin thin neck construction
  • Easy entry
  • Aquabarrier
  • Front-zip

M-Flex neoprene
M-Flex is a very good flexible neoprene. It stands for high quality neopene with an awesome stretch ratio.

Soft touch neoprene
Neoprene is the core ingredient off all wetsuits. Our soft toch neoprene is carefully laminated to ensure a comfortable insulation.