Mystic Majestic 3/2 BZ DL Wetsuit 2015

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The Mystic Majestic back zip wetsuit is loaded with features including: 100% M-Flex, stretch taping and ultra lightweight foam. We renewed the pattern to maximize the stretch of the suit.

Design details

SKU 35001-150030

It’s got a front-zip construction that gets you in and out of your suit faster and add more flex to the back panelcompare to a back-zip model. It’s super light, super flexible and it comes in 2 funky colour combinations.

Technical features


  • Isoprene mesh neoprene (20%)

  • M-fLex neoprene (100%)

  • Polar lining (plush) inside


  • Polygiene

  • 100% Waterproof stretch taping

  • 100% GBS (Glued Blind Stitched)

  • Back-zip entry

  • PK coated zip

  • Glideskin neck construction

  • 4-way stretch kneepads

  • Velcro ankle closure straps included

  • Non slip cuffs

  • Key pocket

  • Aquaflush

  • Aquabarrier

Tech specs


M-Flex is a stretch layer within the neoprene. The high stretch of this layer creates a flexible suit, which makes it possible to move without restrictions.


Polygiene antimicrobial technology, using natural silver salt. Has gained recognition as an effective and environmentally friendly antimicrobial technology across many sports and industries.

Waterproof stretch taping

A high durable taping used inside the suit to avoid leaking and keep it flexible and warm.

Overhead backup

The overhead backup is an extra panel on the inside of the suit this panel blocks all water from entering through the zipper. The overhead backup panel has an integrated collar for optimal protection along the whole length of the zipper.

Clean neck closure

The neck closure construction prevents water coming through the neck opening and secures the back-zip.