Mystic Aviator KRS Seat Harness

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Design details

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Technical features

  • KRS Multi Spreader
  • 3D moulded inner shape
  • Double density foam
  • Double power leash ring
  • Neoprene leg straps
  • Neoprene buckle covers
  • Integrated handle

KRS Safety Spreader

Step 1
KRS safety spreader setup to ride. Able to hook or unhook.

Step 2
KRS safety spreader locked in mouse trap position by pulling the safety puller in step 1. Safety hook is secured to chicken loop to avoid loosing it.

Step 3
Safety hook released by full opening the pulling hook. Kite will drop and stay connected to your safety leash.

Step 4
KRS safety spreader in released position. Able to re-connected the safety hook in the water. Simple click it in and put the puller back in position (step 1)