Moses Vento 91 Windsurf Foil 2018

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The 91 Mast on the Vento will allow you to do killer turns in the water, while also increasing jump and freestyle ability! The Vento is a quick and maneuverable foil perfect for any freestyle rider looking at getting into the foil world.

Design details

Ability: Intermediate/Advanced
Discipline: Freeride/Freestyle

Vento 91 Freeride - Tuttle Box

Mast Length: 910mm


  • Mast: Vento 91
  • Fuselage: MFW-18
  • Front Wing: MW683-18 - Race 683mm
  • Stabiliser: MS483-18 - 483mm
  • Screws: 3x Flat Head M6x20mm
  • Socket Head: 2x Cap Screw M6x20mm, 2x M6x50mm
  • Flat Head Screw M6x16mm
  • 2x Washers Ø6,4xØ18x1,6mm