Moses Onda 71 SUP/Surf Foil


No matter the wave size, the Onda will be sure get you going. Its maneuverability will allow you to be always in the right section of the wave, which is key to being able to succesfully ride it. This model is the surf model, which means that it's better off riding waves than pumping and riding downwind.

Design details

Ability: Intermediate
Discipline: Wave Riding


*Base plate joint. 90x165mm Centre-to-Centre Distance *Mast length: 710mm


*Mast: MM061-18 - Onda 71 *Fuselage: MFS-18 *Front Wing: MW633-18 - Competition Front Wing 683mm *Stabiliser: MS483-18 - 483mm *Bushing: 4x M6x10mm *Socket Head: 2x Cap Screw M6x25mm *Screws: 2x Flat Head M6x16mm, 2x M6x20mm