Liquid Force Slice 5'10 Kite Surfboard 2014

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The Slice is designed to shred everything from reeling reef sets to barreling point breaks to mushy beachbreak peaks.

Design details

Size: 5’10” X 18 1/4” X 2.2” — 25.31 L

Complete with EVA traction pads, adjustable surf straps, FCS fins and bag


Built by riders whose first priority is shredding waves, the Slice features volume around the middle for maximum float and speed, while its rail outline of a bigger board offers hold and drive and the tucked-in moontail delivers the pivotal turning of a smaller board.

Tech specs

EPS Core The Liquid Force EPS core allows us to achieve two important goals: keep the weight of the board down, and precisely tune the board’s flex for optimum performance.

PVC Deck Patches Located under the front and back foot, the Liq- uid Force High-Density PVC Deck Patches are engineered to withstand the extreme forces of kiting.

Bamboo Veneer Liquid Force kitesurf boards are constructed with a lightweight and durable bamboo veneer, adding high strength and a perfect finish to the perfect boards.

Vacuum Compressed The Liquid Force vacuum-bagging process eliminates excess resin while creating the perfect bond between material layers for the lightest and strongest layup possible.

Honeycomb Pro Glass Fins Ultra lightweight and strong, the honeycomb glass fin offers premium performance and a universally compatible fin box.

Ultra-Grip EVA Ultra grippy EVA top deck pads, with the tail pad pre-installed. Complete with seamless neoprene footstraps.

1-Finish 2-Bamboo Veneer 3-High-Density PVC Deck Patches 4-Honeycomb/Glass Fins 5-Two Layers of 6oz Fiberglass 6-EPS Core (BXP3 Waterproof Core on Carbon Railed Models) 7-Two Layers of 6oz Fiberglass 8-Finish