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    Liquid Force Remedy 2018 Wakeboard

Liquid Force Remedy 2018 Wakeboard

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What makes this board so fast are the unique Bottom Concaves. There’s a lot going on, a Triple Concave inside a Single that flows into a Quad Ventrui at the tail. What’s that mean? I don’t know, I just know this board is fast!

Design details

The board that currently has more podium appearances than any other board on the market… With an Aggressive 3 Stage Rocker and Triple Concave flowing into the Venturi Quad Channels, this board will take your and your riding straight up the podium. The Split Tip Shape, Quad Fin Set Up and now featuring the Flex Track, this board will give you the control and feel for ripping turns and edging up the wake. This is the Remedy you have been looking for!

  • Features:

  • Size: 142cm

  • LF Exclusive Flex Track
  • Aggressive Three Stage Rocker
  • Triple Concave Inside Single Flows Into Venturi Quad Channels
  • "Split-Tip" Shape
  • Thin Profile Low Volume Rails
  • Pro-Glass Combo Layup
  • Bladed Rx Quad Fin Setup