Liquid Force Elite 2017 Foil Kite

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Design details

Liquid Force Elite 2017 Foil Kite

Sizes: 6.5m, 9m, 12m, 15m

Why a RAM AIR? This is the first question that any kiteboarder that has not experienced the pure benefits of a perfectly tuned and pressurized foil kite would ask. Unmatched upwind performance, light wind stability and downwind control highlights the benefits of a ram air and the Liquid Force Elite. The Liquid Force design team set out to make a ram air foil that not only perfectly compliments aspects of kiting with a hydrofoil to reaching untracked snow fields, but also gives the rider an easy to use and seamless transition from a traditional inflatable LE kite to the technical advantages of the Liquid Force Elite ram air.

Liquid Force Elite Key Advantages

  • Fast and easy pressurization during initial launch: the design of the Elite allows for rapid pressurization of the ram air cells through a unique Double Barrel LE intake ports and a mesh baffle system that increases air cell communication.
  • Double Barrel LE intake system that increases cell air flow entry efficiently in every position in the wind window increasing stability and response eliminating any wingtip collapse.
  • Easy water re-launch: The Elite is considered a “closed cell” ram air which means the air can easily enter the leading edge of the kite, yet remains contained in the cells. This increases the rider’s time to re-launch upon a water crash.
  • Smooth power delivery and depower ability: Utilizing a uniquely designed bridle system the Elite offers smooth power management of the kite.
  • Designed to fly on a standard RESPONSE 4-line control system.
  • Versatility in all conditions across water and snow.